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About Kidzania Dubai

Bring your kids to Kidzania Dubai Mall to give an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Kidzania is spread over 7000 square meter, is a replica of a real city where your kids can indulge in various activities. Kids aged 4-16 have many roleplay activities but this not only limits them to exciting games, but also develops decision making, teamwork, creativity, and social skills.

Kidzania Dubai is an entertaining educational experience that allows children to play different kinds of roles such as; doctor, engineer, chef, TV host, beauty salon, fire station, pizzeria, supermarket and many more.

When kids enter Kidzania they receive Kidzos (the currency of Kidzania), by picking up a profession from doctor to police, beautician to fireman etc. in order and have to do work according to them. They earn money through this process by which they can buy stuff for themselves or can enjoy entertainment services like spa and watching movies etc.
Take your kids here so that they can enjoy thrilling adventures which can be the best experience ever throughout their life.

In Kidzania, there is a replica of the space center which is a perfect destination for those kids who are interested in knowing more about the wonders of space and galaxy.

Timing of Kidzania Dubai

  • Kidzania Dubai is an edutainment center ( a combination of entertainment and education ) where kids indulge in various interactive activities. Kidzania is open for the entire week to enjoy.
  • Make sure there is different timing session for visiting Kidzania Dubai which are as follow:
  • The opening hours of Kidzania Dubai starts from Sunday to Wednesday: 10am to 10pm. Grab your tickets before 9pm because after that counter is closed.

  • From Thursday to Saturday: 10am to 11pm. Counter is closed after 10pm, so grab your tickets before that.

Best time to visit Kidzania Dubai
  • Kidzania Dubai is one of the best attractions for kids. This place is filled with kids and families. Kids enjoy playing different mind-blowing games which educate them as well.
  • You can come here throughout the year because of its well-structured indoor setting, you do not have to face the bad weather of the city.

  • If you are planning to visit here then must go for weekdays because it is considered the best time to visit Kidzania Dubai, as it would save you from the unnecessary hassle that happens during weekends.

  • You should reach Kidzania as soon as it opens, since the crowd tends to increase after noon.

  • Since Dubai is included in everyone’s bucket list of places to visit, it is obvious that in peak season this place is bound to be packed with various travelers.

  • If you want to avoid such hassle and don’t want to be a part of the crowd then you should visit here during the off-season.

  • Because in the off-season, this place is less filled with tourists. You can enjoy a hassle-free experience at Kidzania along with your kids.

  • You should come to Kidzania during Ramadan as tickets are discounted at this time, it will save money.

Location of Kidzania Dubai

  • Kidzania Dubai is located at the Dubai Mall, Financial Center Road, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

  • At Kidzania parking is available which is located on the second floor of Dubai Mall. At the entrance gate of the mall, valet parking services are available, price ranging between AED 50 to AED 100.

How to reach

It is a common question in everyone's mind how to get Kidzania Dubai hassle-free. Since Kidzania is located at a prime spot, reaching here is quite easy.
You can take either a bus which is available on Route 27, and 29 or can take a metro which is available time-to-time to reach the Dubai Mall.

Know Before You Go Kidzania Dubai

Dress Code
Rules and Regulations

There are no restrictions on dress by Kidzania, but the dress code of Kidzania should be according to the activity which your kids want to do. They are encouraged to dress up according to the activities so that they can enjoy themselves. Make sure dress should be casual and comfortable while indulging in the activities.

  • Locker Services: Kidzania Dubai offers locker services to its visitors, where they can keep their stuff, so that they can enjoy here freely without any hassle.

  • Baby Strollers: There's a special parking area for Baby strollers. Please contact the information Counter.

  • While kids indulge in different activities, parents can rest at Parent’s Lounge with free Wifi, TV lounge & Cafe.

  • Make sure inside Kidzania an adult must accompany the child.
  • The entry ticket is valid for games and activities only, not valid for other services such as: food, parties, photo or video services, until expressly noted.
  • You must select either business or business plus package while entering with your kid, make sure there's an extra charge for additional adults accompanying the child.
  • Children whose height is more than 120 cm can be left alone inside Kidzania but his/her parent or guardian should have to be present at the Kidzania for “check-in”.

  • Once entered Kidzania, kids can not exit temporarily because readmission is not allowed inside Kidzania.

  • Smoking, and chewing gum are not permitted inside Kidzania, if the staff finds you doing that then there will be harsh punishment given to you.

  • Make sure that outside Food & beverages, and pets are not allowed inside Kidzania.

  • Parents are not allowed inside Kidzania so a Parent lounge has been set up for adults where they can access free wifi, TV and a cafe for refreshments.

  • A parent or guardian should not leave their kids alone at the ticket counter or anywhere outside Kidzania, as Kidzania is not responsible if your kid goes missing.

Tips to Visit Kidzania Dubai

  • Research what your kids might be interested in most, then pick 2-3 activities for them, book slots in advance because you don’t want your kids to spend half of their time in queues during peak times.

  • Plan your Kidzania trip on weekdays because there is less crowd these days than that of weekends. By this your time will be saved and your kids spend their time more in activities.

  • The official opening time of Kidzania is 10am, make sure you reach here before the opening time, you don’t have to wait long at the ticket counter to grab your tickets.

  • Online ticket booking is the best way to skip the queues at the ticket counter and there’s also online discount deals available while you book your tickets online. This will save both your time and money.

  • Make sure that you and your kid are dressed comfortably to experience immense pleasure at the Kidzania, and also wear comfortable sports shoes that do not hinder while walking or running.

  • Always choose those activities such as: dentistry which have shorter queues and your kid’s income can be optimized.

  • As soon as you have received your boarding pass from the ground floor then go straight to the immigration check, here you will get a special bracelet and 50 Kidzos, which is the official currency of Kidzania.

  • If you want your kid to earn more Kidzos then inspire them to go for those jobs which have short queues. This is the handy trick to earn more Kidzos and experience more activities. Your kids will be able to earn more Kidzos in less time and spend them in activities that require payment, such as face painting, jewelry making, studio painting, dentistry. Your kids can have enough Kidzos to redeem at the Kidzania departmental store, at the end of the day.

  • If your kid is above 120 cm in height then you leave them in Kidzania Dubai, because it is a safe place for kids. You can take a rest at the Parent’s lounge which is inside Kidzania. This lounge is equipped with a TV room, Food & beverages, and free internet facilities.

  • Kidzania is equipped with “Zupervisors”, who are trained adults. If you are taking a rest at the lounge then these “Zupervisors” available all the times to supervise your kids and supports them in all the activities. They will assist your kids all the time in performing all the tasks successfully.

FAQs of Kidzania Dubai

Why is Kidzania Dubai so famous?

If you want your kid to experience something extraordinary and real world scenarios, then Kidzania is the perfect place to be. It has diversifying activities which can teach your kids basic life skills that will help them to grow as a person in future.

What is the best time to visit Kidzania Dubai?

You all want to have fun at Kidzania but don’t know how to get Kidzania Dubai tickets without any hassle. There’s a best solution which is that weekdays are best for you as these days are relatively less crowded than weekends. Off season is also a better option for you, if you want to make your trip hassle-free.

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What are the things to do in Kidzania Dubai?

  • EducationObtain a degree in your chosen field from Kidzania University. The University prepares kids for higher education. Kids earn a lot of Kidzos in the related profession.
  • Entertainment Kids can join Al Aan TV Studio to opt for different roles be it floor manager, camera person and host their very own entertainment show.
  • Food and BeveragesKids can learn how to make delicious food and beverages at Fade Fit Kids healthy snacks factory, at Mc Donald’s can make tasty burgers and prepare their own pizzas at Pizza Express.
  • Health Join our scientists at the Microsafe Antimicrobial Lab to fight against diseases caused by germs. Learn new, safer and effective ways to help people sanitize hands and surfaces.
  • MediaBe a part of a TV crew or learn to produce radio shows and news broadcasting at the media section. You can also record, and edit your own TV show.
  • RetailAt the departmental store, Kids can spend their hard earned Kidzos on buying various items. They can also buy souvenirs before leaving the city.
  • Services Kids can indulge into various services like: Bank for transactions, Police station to keep safe city, get license at Driving school, work as firefighters, and production engineer etc.
  • Transportation At the Emirates Airline Counter, kids must get a boarding pass before check-in then get involved in learning Pilot and Cabin Crew duties.
  • GamesAt the games room, kids can improve their sports skills in various sports such as: table foosball, and billiards.

Can we take outside food to Kidzania Dubai?

No, you can’t take outside food to Kidzania but you can buy food inside Kidzania as there's some food outlets here, you can enjoy tasty breakfast and drinks here.

What should we wear to visit Kidzania Dubai?

You and your kid must wear comfortable dresses as there's a lot of activities, make sure that you and your kid also wear comfy sports shoes to make your walk easier. Because in some activities such as: wall climbing it is required to wear comfortable sport shoes, so always carry one pair of sport shoes to save from hassles.


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