Things to Do in Kidzania

Activities to Do in Kidzania Dubai

KidZania is a city built purely for children. The place helps kids learn about the real-life world. To experience the same, kids can choose any career from various options at KidZania and learn how to earn, save and spend money just like we all do in real life.
KidZania things to do is filled with different careers and activities, including creative roles, social activities, science and technology, and much more. Kids do not just work for free.

They earn money while learning life skills. They can earn money in the form of KidZos, the official currency in KidZania, which can be spent on shopping, or they can save it in their precious KidZania bank account.There are around 90+ role-playing activities where kids can participate. It includes a surgeon, forensic scientist, junior chocolatier, dentist, secret agent, cashier, junior photographer, delivery man, radio announcer, pilot, and more.

Parents/guardians cannot participate in the activities with their kids, but they can relax in a comfortable lounge at the KidZania, where they can access the TV area, food court, etc.

There are several exciting things to do in Kidzania Dubai so plan your visit carefully and know everything about Kidzania Dubai before visiting.


KidZania is created so that your kids can educate and prepare themselves for their future profession. From 40+ role-play activities related to education, kids can participate in any of them and learn about it in detail. Based on their understanding, kids can go for higher education in the real-life world.

For example if a kid participates as a surgeon at KidZania and enjoys that role, then in real life, he can also choose to become a surgeon. And if the child did not like the particular activity, they can select another one like working in radio, media, fire station, supermarket, etc.


Be it a DJ, dance, music, drama, stories, or any other entertainment stuff, KidZania has got it covered. There are wonderful entertainment activities where your child can participate and showcase their skills. These skills enhance reasoning and craftsmanship in a child. The entertainment things to do in kidZania also help train the child for future growth and build strong communication skills.

Food & Beverages

Apart from education and entertainment activities,In Kidzania things to do also have a special activity section related to food and beverages. Here children have to participate in the food-making activities of their choice. For example, they can choose to make healthy snacks, pizza, burgers, ice creams, cookies, chocolates, shakes, smoothies, quick snacks, and many other available options. Kids can choose what to cook as per their desire and what they want to eat after cooking. It is also the best activity for kids, especially when they want to save their kidZos for lunch because they can eat what they have cooked.


KidZania also offers your children to participate in health-related activities like stepping into the shoes of a surgeon, surgical technologist, scrub nurse, circulating nurse/anesthesiologist, paramedic, NICU nurse, MRI technologist, etc. These activities will help kids improve collaboration, communication, creativity, self-learning, critical thinking, and motor skills. All the health-related activities are performed in the presence of KidZania staff as they guide kids on what to do in a particular health-related activity. Also, they explain and make the kids do operations on dummy patients, give medicines and injections to patients. In NICU, kids are trained to take care of small babies. It will make them learn about important life skills.


Another favorite activity of kids is media. They can work at a media center, TV media, or studios. At the media center, kids can learn about vlogs, which will help them learn communication and content creation. They can also record their own vlog at the media center.

It helps improve social skills, technology literacy, media literacy, productivity, adaptability, flexibility, and creativity. On the other hand, TV and media studios will let kids participate as a camera operator, talk show host, sports anchor, meteorologist, and news anchor. The kids can do real shows here by featuring special guest interviews, breaking news, sports news, etc.


After doing lots of hard work, children can spend their kidzos at the retail store from where they can buy cookies, chocolates, candies, juice, and much more. It depends on the kid whether they want to spend the entire kidZos in the retail store or they want to save some of the kidzos for their next visit.


KidZania not only offers entertainment and educational activities but also focuses on the service industry to make it like an actual city. Here children can get to know about various government service jobs like Dubai police, firefighters, production engineer, work at the driving institute, and much more. These skills will build a kid’s mental growth and awareness towards society.

Kids can also know how to keep the city safe and can build their vigilance skills. Apart from this, children can also participate in different hospitality services, including housekeeping staff, hotel reservations, etc. Kids can understand how to welcome guests, treat and respect them.


To participate in activities like cabin crew duties and learn how to become a pilot, kids can join the aviation activities. Here they are taught about the pilot skills, how to fly the actual plane, and how to manage the crowd of passengers efficiently.


Children can improve their sports skills by participating in games like pool, billiards, football, and much more. It builds the physical endurance of a kid and will make them strong.

School Visit

KidZania is the best place for the educational excursion as it offers a safe indoor environment. KidZania provides unique learning opportunities for school visits and encourages kids to explore different activities they have to face in life. Here kids can choose anything from different activities. The best thing about KidZania is that there are numerous rides or games that let children focus on the activity and help develop their mental strength, collaboration, and various other skills. Schools can pre-book their trip and include meal options if required. Kids can also enjoy different healthy meal options available at the food court of KidZania.

Celebrate Birthday Parties

At KidZania, kids can celebrate birthday parties where all birthday arrangements are made in a private room. After celebrating the birthday, kids can participate in different role-playing activities with their friends. The party package of KidZania includes everything required to celebrate a child's birthday. Add-ons in the package can be done with extra charges; however, the place needs to be booked in advance in order to arrange things for a birthday. Celebrating kid’s birthdays at KidZania is a beautiful way to have fun while educating them. But remember that the rules and regulations of KidZania need to be followed at birthday parties also.

FAQ's of Kidzania Dubai

Why is Kidzania so famous in Dubai?

KidZania city is made to grow the skills of the kids aged between 4- to 14-years, with more than 90 educational real-life activities. The place is realistic and thrilling for children; it seems like they have entered a magical city with buildings, paved paths, and other real things. Kids can participate in real-life activities to earn money.

What are the timings for Kidzania Dubai?

KidZania is open daily from 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM.

What is the dress code to visit Kidzania Dubai?

There is no specific dress code for visiting KidZania Dubai; however, wearing comfortable clothes is recommended so kids can participate in the activities without any worry. Also, the place is big and requires lots of walking and wearing shoes will be a better option.

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How to reach KidZania Dubai?

  • By carThe fastest way to reach the mall from the Dubai airport is by car.
  • By metro and busYou can also reach KidZania by boarding a red line metro from airport T3 or T1. Take feeder buses from the mall, which will drop you off directly at the mall. You can also reach the mall from the metro station via the metro link bridge. Board line 27 bus transport to Dubai mall from the airport.

How much time is needed for my child to explore Kidzania Dubai fully?

KidZania things to do include 90 activities where kids can participate, and each activity will take 25 to 30 minutes; however, some of the activities can take up to 1 hour. Keeping the time duration in mind, it is recommended to spend at least 4-5 hours at KidZania so that your child can explore 5-6 activities and can earn maximum kidZos.

Can we bring our own food inside the Kidzania Dubai?

Outside food is not allowed inside KidZania premises. However, the place has many cafes and restaurants which you can explore to grab something tasty to eat.

What are the tips to keep in mind to visit Kidzania in Dubai?

  • You should be realistic, as things to do in KidZania need time, and there is no way that the kids can participate in all 90 activities in a single day. So let them choose the activity of their interest and enjoy it.

  • Visit KidZania during the morning hours, as this time you will experience less crowd, and your kids can explore the activities without waiting.

  • Try to choose the activity with a shorter duration; in this way you can participate in more activities and earn more kidZos.

  • Kids should wear comfortable clothes and shoes to make them feel comfortable while participating in the activities.

  • All activities in KidZania are in English, but you can find Arabic signing in every activity.

  • Toddlers are also accepted in a few activities; however, there is a special toddler area where they can play in a perfectly safe environment.

  • There are no rides and slides in the KidZania premises.

  • Charging and locker facilities are also available at KidZania.


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