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  • By booking your Kidzania Dubai tickets, open the doors to a world of thrilling adventures for your kids where they can also learn more about their favorite professions
  • Kids can participate in role-playing activities from more than 40 different career choices
  • Expect to spend a fun-filled day of education and entertainment in a unique environment
  • Spread over a massive area within the Dubai Mall, Kidzania will give you an essence of a mini-city with establishments, pathways, and alleys

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Overview of Kidzania Dubai

Located on Level 2 of the gigantic Dubai Mall, Kidzania Dubai is a unique entertainment zone for children established in the Middle East for the first time ever. Get Kidzania Dubai Tickets and give real-life activities to your kids that will prepare them for their future goals, where they can become anyone they wish to be and learn life skills no classroom teaching can bring about. Based on the concept of ‘edutainment’, the sprawling 7,000 sq m interactive mini-city is a great combination of learning through innovative fun methods, making it a perfect place to spend an entire day for kids and parents alike.

From doctors, firefighters, and vets to pilots, engineers, and even Mc Donald’s personnel, Kidzania Dubai activities incorporate every imaginable career option for your child. There are about forty role-playing activities in the amusement zone that can be enjoyed by kids between the ages of 2 and 16. In each career zone, they will get first-hand insights into actual experiences on the floor and can learn all about the jobs, handling money, and the real world. The different activities are divided into broad segments like Education, Food and Beverage, Entertainment, Health, Media, Retail, Services, Transportation, and Games.

Kidzania Dubai Tickets Overview

Highlights Of Kidzania Dubai Tickets
Kidzania Dubai Tickets Inclusions
  • Kidzania Dubai tickets will give you access to Dubai’s ultimate amusement zone for kids which is open seven days of the week
  • Get your child a Kidzania PaZZport and give them an innovative and fun way to learn about real-world professions.
  • Kids have the choice of over 40 different occupations including chefs, pilots, vets, doctors, and much more to role-play.
  • Buying Kidzania Dubai tickets online saves you on time, and energy as well as money as you get a spot discount with Thrillophilia
  • See your kids get rewarded for the hard work they put into their ‘jobs’ and manage their own transactions with KidZania’s very own currency, KidZos
  • Get instant confirmation while booking online
  1. The Kidzania Dubai ticket price ranges from AED 100 to AED 195 for children aged 2 to 16 years and AED 80 for adults (aged 17+). Children who are above the height of 120 cm can be left by themselves inside Kidzania, while children below the height of 120 cm in height need to be accompanied by an adult inside the park.

  2. With the Kidzania Dubai tickets, your child can engage in a wide range of activities including money management, cooking, educational activities, hospitality skills, medical skills, driving a car, learning how to produce radio shows and report bulletins, being a camera person and host their own entertainment show, and being a government serviceman like a policeman.

Activities to Indulge in KidZania Dubai

There are plenty of things to do in Kidzania that open doors for your little ones where they can explore a plenty of activities that are educational and entertaining. The activities are divided broadly into nine segments, each of which is well thought out and helps kids to explore their chosen career path and learn something new in the process. They experience real life situations through different activities that include education, entertainment, retail, food and beverage, transportation, games, health, media, and services.


This can be your child’s stepping stone to a university setting where they can pursue higher education in a field of their own liking and preference and also get a degree in it. Not only do they take their first step into their dream career path, but they can also join related professions right here within Kidzania and get a chance to earn more kidZos.

With Dubai Kidzania tickets children have the option of joining a painting school, where they can express their deepest emotions through color, learn handwriting and calligraphy, as well as sharpen motor skills through a number of activities.


Among the most popular Kidzania Dubai activities are the DJ Corner and Kidzania Reel Cinemas. The former is a great option for children inclined toward the field of music and it also helps develop their reasoning abilities and with basic training and development in the craft. At the Kidzania Reel Cinemas, they can watch their favorite movies and enjoy center-stage positions at the Metropolitan Theatre which hosts a number of shows every day. Apart from that, there is also the Acting Academy which helps children sharpen communication and confidence, introduces them to different roles, and produces street dance and talent shows.


The Kidzania Dubai activities also include an elaborate department store that your little workers can explore after being hard at work all day. The amusement zone’s unique currency Kidzos that your child earns after each professional milestone is crossed, can be collected and brought to the department store to pick the items of their choice. Among the retail outlets is also a Kidzania Shop from where they can pick up souvenirs against their Kidzos to take back home as fond memories of the place.

Food & Beverage

There are several places to eat and drink with your Kidzania Dubai tickets, just like in a real-world city. However, there is an interesting difference. At the Kidzania kitchens, the children get to try their hands at cooking and enjoy the culinary journey. At Fade Fit Kids Healthy Snack Factory, they get to know the worth of healthy eating and can put together a healthy snack, or set about preparing their own Happy Meal at Mc Donald’s.

They can also bake their own distinct style of pizza at Pizza Express, help make their own Kinder Bar at the Kinder Chocolate Factory, smoothies at the Arla and Danish Dairy Board Organic Milk Smoothie Bar, eat a snack at Reel Cinema Café, or indulge in Ice Cream at Gelato Divino.


After getting the Dubai Kidzania tickets, and upon arrival at the amusement zone, your child will be required to check in and acquire their boarding pass from one of the Emirates Airlines counters. Children who have been fascinated by flying and wish to try their luck in the aviation industry, can join the Aviation Academy at Kidzania and get basic insights into the duties of pilots and cabin crew. There is also an RTA city bus tour that is organized for children and gives them a layout of the city while also helping them with important tips on how to ride safely on a bus by themselves.


Your Kidzania Dubai deals also include a massive games area for your little ones. Children can head to the Games Room to test their sports skills. From Foosball tables to billiards, they can spend a fun-filled time here with friends or new acquaintances which they are bound to make during their time at Kidzania.

The level of the challenge goes up a little for the children at the Kidzania Titans where the more daring ones can put their physical abilities to the test at the ultimate obstacle course.


Give your children the awareness and importance of living a healthy life with your Kidzania Dubai tickets. Let them learn through fun and games the best ways to fight diseases that are caused by germs and microbes. Take your young scientists to the Microsafe Antimicrobial Lab where they join hands with other scientists. Together they work towards developing new methods of helping people keep their hands sanitized. The Microsafe Infection control center is run by a team of scientists that help in providing disinfection services for citizens and tourists around the city.


There are several other roles that your children can try, especially if it has been their dream to be a part of the entertainment industry. The Al Aan TV studio is among the Kidzania Dubai activities where children can try out a variety of role-playing activities such as floor managers, anchors, and even news reporters on their very own entertainment shows. So get ready to take the city’s news and entertainment scene by storm by telecasting the latest news and updates or be a local RJ at WattZ 99.9 Radio Station.


Be a part of the city’s elaborate service industry with the best Kidzania Dubai deals. Children get a sneak peek into the hospitality industry at The Rove Hotel, right from the reservation process to check-in and housekeeping. Kids can opt to keep the city safe, improve their skills by becoming a part of governmental services like the Dubai Police Station or join the Emirates Driving Institute and obtain a license to join the Kool Cars in Driving Street.

There are also the Fire Fighters at NAFFCO on Emergency Calls whom the kids can join to save the City from fire. The little engineers can head to build the city at Masdar Eco Villa construction site or the Aquafina Bottling Plant to wear the hat of an important Production Engineer.

Zones to Explore in KidZania Dubai

As you make your way along the cobbled pathways, lanes, buildings, and offices in this virtual city, you can see your child take on the ‘grown-up’ roles in professions and careers that have always fascinated them. The entire area has been cleverly segregated into zones that make it easier for children to pick their choice and express their creativity. From the dental industry, chocolate factory, pizza express, and supermarket, to a hospital, fashion boutique, TV studio, fire station, and more, the zones you get to explore with your Dubai Kidzania tickets are distinct, fun, and wholesome.

Building Climbing

A great option for thrill-seekers and adventure lovers, this zone involves a Kidzania climbing wall that the children scale and in the process push their limits and overcome their fears. The minimum height requirement here is 120 cm and it also requires an AIA Insurance Personal Accident plan.


If numbers are what fascinate your child, get your Kidzania Dubai Mall tickets and head to this zone. Your child can get into the role of an authentic banker and advise other children at Kidzania on the smart ways to manage their Kidzos with a bank account. They can also tend to all their banking needs as well as with any money-related questions.

TV Studio

Book your Kidzania Dubai Mall tickets today if you feel that your child loves being on camera. In this zone, they get to not only become hosts and celebrities, but also play other important TV roles like cameramen, and editors. They can host their own shows, record, report, and even edit them.

Fire Station

This zone is meant for those little heroes who portray risk-taking characteristics and are brave. With your Kidzania Dubai tickets, the children get to wear real-life firefighter uniforms, jump on those big red fire trucks, slide down poles and head straight to the area of action. Children can experience the thrill of saving lives as they brave it out here.


Many children show a lot of interest in the human body, its organs, and their functions, from a very young age. This zone is a perfect spot for them as they get to act like real-world lifesavers, perform surgeries, talk in medical terms, be in emergency life and death situations, and look after newborns at the hospital nursery.

Fashion Botique

Many children express their love and interest for the world of fashion and are expert fashion ramp walkers and fashionistas from a very young age. Get your divas to attend a modeling class in this zone and then have their very own fashion shows to showcase their favorite moves and fashion items while audiences click pictures.

Pizza Express

For all those pizza lovers and tiny helpers in the kitchen, the Kidzania Dubai Mall tickets can open doors of possibilities. Here they learn all about the art of pizza making right from creating the dough, learning about the required ingredients, and putting it all to use at the pizza shop. They also get to take their pizzas back home.

Dental Industry

For those keen on dental hygiene, brushing, and flossing regularly, let them get to know what it is like to become a dentist with the Kidzania Dubai Mall tickets. Children can learn more about oral care here as well as assist in dental surgery. You will be surprised to see your child come out with better ideas about oral hygiene habits.


Certain kids are more friendly and attentive while shopping, than others, and the Supermarket is just the place for them. It is a great way to learn about going grocery shopping, know about healthy and unhealthy food choices, and the importance of keeping within a budget. On the other side, the child can also be a supermarket attendant tending to customers.

Why You Should Visit KidZania Dubai?

  • A fun way to learn about real-world professions through interactive, educational experience in a 70,000 sq m replica of a real city
  • Get to choose from over 40 professions including everything from a policeman, firefighter, beautician, doctor, and chef to actor, news anchor, pilot, dentist, vet, and much more.
  • Experience real-life situations by getting into the shoes of a grown-up in the career choice that has always fascinated you and role-play
  • Get paid in Kidzania’s very own distinctive currency Kidzos once you have completed your professional responsibilities, which the kids can then spend on shopping or entertainment within Kidzania
  • Learn about adult responsibilities in a fun, safe, and responsible environment with ‘zupervisors’ around to take care of the little ones at all times
  • The real-life experience gets further enhanced as you go shopping and entertainment and experience a waiting period. This however can be overcome by buying fast-track Kidzania Dubai tickets and avoiding long queues
  • The city is built as an authentic, real-life replica of one complete with stoney roads, lanes, buildings, vehicles, a thriving economy, and establishments that are branded by popular multinational as well as local brands.

Official Kidzania Currency- Kidzos

Make your experience at Kidzania as close to real life as possible with innovative Kidzania Dubai deals. They have their very own currency called Kidzos that you can earn after completing your jobs at professional houses. This money can then be used within Kidzania to buy a wide range of products and services. Kids have the opportunity to earn more and more Kidzos by doing more work. Upon entering the Kidzania premises, the children are required to open a bank account for themselves and get a debit card. This can then be used to withdraw Kidzos from any of the several ATM machines within Kidzania.

KidZania Dubai Annual Pass

With the Kidzania Dubai annual pass, you can access Kidzania for an entire year and enjoy several benefits during your visits. This mostly comes in handy if you are a local or visit Dubai several times a year. The Kidzania Dubai annual pass will cost you AED 950 per person and includes a Kidzania PaZZport within it. Moreover, on your first visit to Kidzania with the annual pass, you get a head start with 12 fast-track tickets and 150 Kidzos. It includes other benefits like retail discount, birthday party admissions discount, as well as a discount on Dubai Ice Rink tickets also situated within the Dubai Mall.

Know Before You Book Kidzania Dubai Tickets

Go through with these essential information before plan your visit to Kidzania.

Essential Information
Best Time to Visit
Age Restrictions
Rules & Regulations
  • Location: The Dubai Mall, Second level Cinema Parking, Financial Center Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Timings: Kidzania is open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM; the last entry is taken at 9:00 PM.

  • How to Reach:

By Bus: It is easy to access Kidzania Dubai by bus as it is prominently located in the heart of the city and well-connected by bus routes. If you take Route 27 from the Deira Gold Souk station and Route 29 from Ghubaiba bus station, you can reach Kidzania.

By Metro: Take the Dubai Metro and alight at the Dubai Mall Metro station or the Burj Khalifa station.

Plan Your Visit to Kidzania Dubai before going as with the Kidzania Dubai Mall tickets, you can explore the amusement zone at your convenience, it is best to visit during the early part of the day. Moreover, since weekends tend to get very crowded, it is ideal to visit Kidzania early mornings on weekdays in order to avoid long queues and waiting times.

Activities inside Kidzania is best suited to children between the age of 4 and 16The Fun First Nursery is a safe play area and ideal for toddlersChildren who are below the height of 120cm need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • There are lockers available; you can contact Information Counter upon arrival to avail of the locker facilities
  • You can get baby strollers inside
  • There is a parent’s lounge available where they can relax with free Wi-Fi, a TV and a café.
  • The Kidzania Dubai tickets give you access to Kidzania for taking part in the general activities only and do not include food, drinks, photos and videos services, birthday parties, etc.
  • Children above the height of 120 cm can be left unaccompanied inside but need an adult guardian at the time of check-in at the entrance
  • A child can be accompanied by 1 adult with a regular Business or Business Plus package. Any additional adult will need to pay an extra fee which is over and above the Kidzania Dubai ticket price, of AED 95
  • Exiting Kidzania temporarily and re-entering at will is not allowed
  • You cannot smoke or chew gum within the Kidzania premises
  • The activity establishments/buildings only admit children and not the parents; adults can spend time at the parent’s lounge where there is a free internet access, a café, and a TV
  • Certain Kidzania activities or establishments may remain closed due to renovations without prior notice

Tips To Know Before Buying KidZania Dubai Tickets

  • It is best to get your Dubai Kidzania tickets for a weekday when it is less crowded. Reach a little earlier than 10 AM so as to avoid long queues at the check-in counters.
  • Get the best Kidzania Dubai deals by booking your tickets online. You also skip standing in long queues to fetch Kidzania Dubai tickets.
  • As soon as you have collected your boarding passes from the ground floor, head to the Immigration Check and quickly get your special security bracelet and 50 Kidzos.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and sports shoes if you wish to explore all the activities in a single visit.
  • Instead of spending precious Kidzos on lunch, kids can make their own food which they can later eat at places like the Pizza Express.
  • Opt for activities that have shorter queues so that the kids get more time to participate in the activity and thus earn more Kidzos within a shorter time span. Certain jobs like dentistry pay more than others. Opt for these so that the kids have a chance to earn more Kidzos that they can redeem at the Department Store.

Other Things to Do In & Near Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is one of the city’s most buzzing spots where you can spend hours exploring not only the mall but also the areas around it. There are several attractions and activities in and around Dubai Mall that you can experience when you get your Kidzania Dubai Mall tickets. Witness exquisite underwater marine creatures at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo and marvel at the world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa. Enjoy ice skating in Dubai Mall Ice Rink and sweep down several feet in the indoor IFly Dubai.

Visit Burj Khalifa

A trip to the magical city of Dubai is certainly not complete without a visit to the Burj Khalifa. The gigantic sky-scraper, also the world’s tallest tower, is a man-made wonder that attracts visitors from all corners of the globe. Take a trip to the top of the Burj Khalifa to enjoy magnificent views of the city of Dubai. The elevator inside Burj Khalifa is the fastest and takes you to the very top in a matter of minutes.

Fountain Lake Ride

Go on an abra ride, which is the traditional wooden boat here, across the Burj Lake and get mesmerized by the world’s largest dancing fountain which goes up to 500 feet in length and is almost as high as a 45-story building While Fountain Lake Ride. The show comprises a visual spectacle involving 6500 lights, 25 colored projectors, and 20 thousand gallons of water. Some of the exciting rides that you can go for in order to enjoy the breathtakingly spectacular show include the Kayaks, Water Bikes, Flamingo Boats and Swan Boats.

Visit Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Once you get your Kidzania Dubai tickets, make the most of your visit to the Dubai Mall by also visiting the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo which houses over 140 varieties of exotic marine species. It starts on the ground floor of the mall and goes right up to the third floor and holds over 10 million liters of water. Enjoy views of magnificent sea creatures including tiger sharks, ray fish, and many more.

Learn about the life cycle of different species of aquatic animals which are a treat for the eyes. The aquarium also organizes animal encounters and diving experiences for visitors. These include the Penguin Encounter, King Croc encounter, Otter Encounter, Shark Trainer encounter, presentations, and feeding.

Have Fun at VR Park Dubai

If you have got your Kidzania Dubai Mall tickets, visit the famous VR Park too, which offers some of the most fun things to do in the Dubai Mall. Experience a visual treat with some of the best combinations of VR and AR that are shown here through a wide range of genres like Adventure, Horror, savior, action, etc. Leave one of the finest attractions of Dubai Mall with a memorable experience to cherish for a long time.

Skate at Dubai Mall Ice Rink

A popular attraction at the Dubai Mall is the Ice Skating Rink which offers enjoyment and fun in equal measure to both new skaters as well as the experienced ones. The massive Olympic level rink is used to conduct public sessions of ice skating during the day and is turned into a hippy disco by the night. Try your skating skills here by paying a minimal fee and spending a good 1 hour and 45 minutes. The Ice Rink is also a famous venue for holding ladies’ and kids’ parties.

Visit Dubai Opera

Established in 2016, the Dubai Opera is located in Downtown Dubai and represents the city’s inclination towards the arts and culture. One of the most radiant and finest establishments of art, the Dubai Opera has a capacity of over 2,000 persons. The unique structure is shaped like a dhow or a sailing vessel and makes for a visual treat. The Opera hosts a variety of performances that makes for a distinct blend of art and culture never seen before, including ballets, concerts, theatres, orchestras, fashion shows, and much more.

FAQ's of Kidzania Dubai

What is Kidzania known for?

Kidzania in Dubai Mall is a fun city for children known for its unique entertainment through wholesome education and learning. Kids gather here along with their parents to embark on a journey of role-playing their dream careers be it a pilot, doctor, policeman, dentist, chef, or beautician, among several others.

Where is KidZania Dubai located?

This indoor playground and the real-like city is tucked within the Dubai Mall. It is located on the second level of the most famous Dubai Mall.

What is the age limit for Kidzania Dubai?

While everyone from babies to senior citizens is allowed to enter Kidzania, there are age restrictions to partake in the various activities. These are mostly suited to children aged 2 – 14. Children below the height of 120 cm need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

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What are Kidzos?

Kidzos are the official currency at Kidzania which the kids can earn after completion of their jobs. These can then be used by them to buy several merchandise at the Department Store also within Kidzania. Kids also get a debit card upon entry which they can use to withdraw Kidzos from the several ATM counters located across Kidzania.

What are the Opening Hours of Kidzania Dubai?

Kidzania is open everyday from 10 AM to 10 PM. The last entry is at 9 PM.

When did KidZania Dubai Open?

Kidzania opened the doors to its Dubai franchise back in January 2010 in the Dubai Mall.

Can adults also take part in the activities at Kidzania Dubai?

Adults cannot take part in the activities at Kidzania Dubai. However, if a child is below the height of 120 cm, an adult (aged at least 17 years) needs to accompany them at all times. If the child is above 120cm in height, an adult needs to be present at the entrance near the check-in counter to see them in.

Can adults enter KidZania alone?

No, adults cannot enter Kidzania alone. They need to accompany a child. However, when the kids are enjoying the activities, parents can spend time relaxing in the lounge area alone enjoying free internet, or in the TV room or café.

How long can kids stay inside KidZania?

There is no time limit for kids to be inside Kidzania. They can stay inside from the time it opens in the morning at 10 till closing time. However, it is ideally believed that about three hours within Kidzania amid moderate crowds, is enough time for them to explore adequately.

Can parties be held in KidZania?

Yes, you can hold parties at Kidzania, but only with a special party package. With these packages you can hold birthday parties here and have a great time with groups. However, without such a package, you cannot hold parties within Kidzania.

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